Survey Altitude Problem



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    Thank you for your feedback on the terrain import. The toposurface being generated around altitude 0 is expected. This is done to reduce chances of issues when the data would be far from the model origin due to elevation of the surface.

    If this feature is now becoming an issue for our users please let us know and we will look into making this an optional feature in future versions, provided testing shows it will be a stable change.

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  • Patxi Lobregat

    Hola Brian:

    ¿Puedo modificar la altura de la superficie topográfica desde Revit?

    ¿Cómo podría hacerlo?

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  • Brian

    Hello, at this time you can manually adjust the toposurface (vertical) position using the Revit 'Modify' -> 'Move' tool. Ensure to only adjust the Z value so the geo-location of the surface does not become unexpectedly changed.

    I have added this feature request to be reviewed and potentially added when working on future updates to the plugin.

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