Problems with Inport Buidings , Import Roads and Import Paths when inserting Image with Import Imagery



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    This might be a translation or numerical format issue. I have generated a ticket so we can go more in-depth on this potential issue.

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  • Patxi Lobregat

    Hi Brian:

    I have tried to make the 3D View Plan with Mapbox's High Resolution Image and it gave me the problem mentioned above.

    Instead I make the 3D View without the High Resolution Iagen, that is, as Import Terrain and I often follow the Import Buildings, Import Roads, etc. and there is no problem.

    Will I have to change Revit Language?

    The Route in which the Place Maker Folder comes out is the following:

    C:\ProgramData\PlaceMaker Revit

    I can't give you more information.



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