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  • Dale

    Hi Jan - I'm shocked anyone noticed so soon we removed the direct link to the roadmap (just two days ago)!  We wanted to highlight some new tutorial videos on YouTube related to SketchPlus and I thought it would be OK to take down the roadmap, at least temporarily.

    I'm thrilled you are interested in adding more tools to SketchPlus.  Part of the reason we have not added tools lately is because no one is giving us feedback on which type of tools they would like us to add!  Any ideas?

    We do have some potential tools in the works though but I'm not sure if they will be ready this year.  Most recently we added the roof tool and we hope to add more tools for architecture workflows next.  Stay tuned!

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  • Jan Doubek

    Hi Dale, thanks for your reply. I admit it was partly by accident that I noticed it :)
    Great that you are planning more updates. I was really looking forward to all the potential tools you mentioned in the Roadmap especially the Stretch Tool, Follow Me+, Window and Door Tools and Texture Tools.

    Speaking of architectural tools, it would be awesome if the roof tool could also create a gable roof. Another nice addition would be a paving/flooring/tiling pattern generator or some sort of advanced array.

    Thank you!

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  • Yanjun Liu

    I think the building tools is great.

    Maybe you can add Door tool,Window tool,Floor and cell generator tools etc.All this kind of tools doesn't work under SU 2024 at all.

    Thank you!


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