Buggy Texture mapping



  • Dale


    PB3 always uses a random offset for the horizontal position of textures.  This was actually a request from several users of PB2 to prevent all objects looking identical.  It usually results in improved realism but for your case, it is not the ideal behavior.

    A potential workaround is to assign the 'Default' material to the Profile.  Then, apply the texture to the extruded Profile Member object using the SketchUp Paint Bucket.  That method worked for me to force the texture to always start at the same point.  The downside is that you will lose the material if you need to edit the Profile Member later.

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  • rrv

    well I understand their request for randomization but making it a default was wrong. Modularity is literally everywhere and in 99% of situations a perfect uncut pattern from the corner is a must. The need for randomization could be elegantly solved by an additional tiny check box for 'randomize UVW'. Could it happen in the next release please?


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