Object Cost Data tied to group copies



  • Dale

    Hi Matt,

    Nice catch.  I don't think anyone has reported this yet but this does not surprise me.  I think it is fixable.  It has to do with SketchUp's internal mechanism for groups.  Groups are actually internally represented as components so copying one makes a new instance of the same component.  

    Ruby scripts always need to make sure that groups are forced unique each time a group definition is modified by Ruby and I guess we must not be doing this for Quantifier.

    I believe a workaround is to double-click a group after copying it.  This should force SketchUp to internally make the group unique and then this issue should not longer occur. 

    I'll make a note to fix this in a future update. Thanks again for reporting.

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  • Matt Donley

    Yeah, I'm familiar with how groups are treated behind the scenes. They are essentially components until you've made a change to one of the copies from what I understand.

    I had a 2x4 group, and copied it with the intentions of editing it into a 2x6, but I had updated the Quantifier pricing before actually editing the geometry, so that's how I discovered the issue. If I had modified the copy first, it works as expected. I wasn't aware that simply double-clicking the copy would also force it unique, I'll have to check that out.

    Thanks Dale!

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