Profile builder sometimes skips lines when building along path



  • Dale

    Hi Chris,

    The crazy spike issue might be due to really tiny edges that you didn't release were there.

    I too have seen this operation sometimes fail to extrude along some edges.  I'm not sure why.  I'll have to look deeper into it.

    Thank you for the report.

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  • Mark Paschke

    You should run the 'cleanup' plugin by ThomThom to repair all edges or you can analyze where there might be edge problems with 'EdgeTools" also from ThomThom.


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  • Chris Burke

    @Dale Martens - Thanks! Please let me know if you find a way to resolve the extrusion failure on some of the lines. Right now as a workaround, I just select some of the lines missing the extrusion and the lines connected to the missing extrusions and then re-run the build along path. This results in double extrusions in some areas which I know is a no-no in modeling, but it hasn't negatively affected my renders. I find that if I select all the lines that failed the first time it fails again. 

    @Mark Paschke - Thank you! The "CleanUp3" extension appears to have resolved the crazy spike issue on that particular model. I will use that going forward and see if that completely resolves the spike issue. 

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